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About Us

This is where we would normally sing our own praises and tell you about all the excellent people that work here and all the great things we can do for your company. In the end however, there’s really no yard stick for measuring our worth unless you hear it from our clients or see it for yourself.

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Every one of our clients will tell you that we do much more than just produce great work. We are advisors, advocates and trusted associates. We care, not only about what we produce, but about you and your business, because the way we see it – when you hire us we really become a part of your team.

In a world where customer service can quickly take a backseat to profits and the little guy becomes last week’s news – we hear almost daily that we always seem to be available to talk, we are always there when needed, and we always double our efforts to get those last-minute jobs done on time! And that’s why many companies say that we are their best kept secret.

Our Process

1 Discovery

Discovery, in our opinion, is the most important phase of any project. When a company decides it’s time to hire a digital agency the discovery phase will identify all the project goals and outline the deliverables.


2 Strategize

A formal strategy is not always required; it depends on the project goal statement(s). When we strategize we are generally helping you plan additional marketing initiatives like inbound marketing, social media campaigning, SEM and conversion management.


3 Design

The design phase is always the most anticipated. We begin with an initial composition of the Home page where we explore both the guidelines created in discovery and the keystones of a great user experience. Once the initial design is approved secondary screens and assets can be explored.


4 Approval

The design phase delivers a visual representation of the project, and in some cases there can even be a working prototype to scrutinize. The Approval phase gives the client time to look at the project before it moves into development. This is the time to ask questions, make changes and tweak the details.


5 Development

This is the phase that breathes life into the work from the previous phases. Our developers will begin to code your project, starting with the Home page, and once complete can present you with a temporary URL so you can evaluate a working model, and monitor continuing progress.


6 Managed Services

Once we test and launch your new website you may think the phones go silent, but you’d be wrong. We have a number of managed services from hosting and email to social media training and conversion management. Our marketing support staff are ready to help guide you through the post-launch environment.

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