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Can-Am RV Centre — Responsive Website Design, Inventory Management, Content Management System, SEO/SEM

One of North America's most highly awarded dealerships for customer service and satisfaction, Can-Am RV Centre is owned and operated by two brothers who grew up RVing and towing trailers.

Their extensive experience in towing RVs has made them an industry leader in testing, training and teaching people how to properly tow their trailers. They regularly test various trailer, tow vehicle and equipment setups and push the limits of new equipment to ensure that their techniques and advice to customers is second to none. Thus they enjoy the reputation as The Towing Specialists.

They also sell some of the industries most prestigious brands, and so when they began evaluating web design and marketing firms to partner with, we were flattered that we were included on their short list.

The website we developed together is different than most websites, particularly the heavy use of high-res photography on their vehicle detail pages. The site also hosts an extensive towing video section and a blog called Hitch Hints where they post tips, advice and product reviews on hitches, towing and driving techniques.

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