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RVHotlineCanada.com — Classified Website Design, Mobile App Design, Content Management System, SEO/SEM, Tradeshow Display, Print Design/Identity, Social Media Campaigns

RVHotline Canada has been successfully promoting RV sales, RV dealers and the RV lifestyle in Canada for more than 10 years. SynergyPro Solutions owns and develops this progressive classified website and maintains strong relations with the Canadian RVDA (Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association) in an exclusive agreement whereby our offering is restricted to RVDA of Canada members only. In exchange the organization promotes RVHotline.com and all our online services as their preferred partner.

The inaugural launch of RVHotline came about 4 years after the launch of AutoHotline, which was a direct competitor to AutoTrader in Canada. AutoHotline.com was shelved for a number of years as our team saw a great opportunity in the RV niche. So, for almost a decade we focused our attentions on the RV industry and as a spin-off of our hard work, we began cementing relationships with dealers, finding that many of them were in need of better websites and online marketing advice. AutoHotline.com has since been rebranded and relaunched, and we're now promoting a DMS (dealership management system) that is very popular with both Auto or RV dealers. Call and speak to an account manager for more information at 1-866-642-2343.

RVHotline has built many lasting relationships over the years, in fact 40% of our clients joined us in our first year and are still with us. When we ask why they remain so loyal, we are told that we always seem to give 100% and that our quality and expertise is second to none. Often when speaking to new clients they tell us that when researching competitor websites, they can always tell when a site is "Powered by RVHotline!"

Apart from the lessons we've learned in maintaining RVHotline for so many years, our understanding of the RV buyer persona has helped us design and develop a superior lead-generating website, and one that gets great reviews from users. Our most recent redesign of RVHotline happened right on the cusp of the wave of responsive design that has recently changed the industry. Our mobile user-base reached 35% in the Spring of 2015, so the decision to go responsive was shelved in favour of building a mobile version parallel to the desktop version.

The primary focus of RVHotline is guiding members of the public to the RV of their dreams, and promoting dealerships closest to the users location. Our listings, dealer pages and banner ads are all served to the user via an IP look-up. In other words, if given permission, we can locate the user by both province and closest city and where possible, show them the most local content we can. In the RV industry it is extremely helpful to connect customers to their local dealer. The auto industry differs this way, in that buying local isn't necessary, but with so many warranties, both manufacturer and after-market, covering so many electronics, appliances and moving parts in an RV, it's more efficient and convenient to be within driving distance of the dealer you bought your RV from, not to mention that they'll take better care of you. Secondary to connecting buyer to seller is our promotion of the RV lifestyle. For that we have a blogging platform that allows our team to keep our user-base educated and up-to-date on all products, accessories and local events. In addition to this type of inbound marketing, our sales team goes to many RV Shows and Industry Tradeshows, and keeps a healthy social media profile on facebook, youtube and twitter.

The final piece to this database-driven classified website is the member CMS, where participating dealers manage their RV inventory, rentals, parts and their individual dealership page, for advertising contact info, hours of operation, location and directions, promotional content and more.

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