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Westbrook Floral Ltd. — Responsive Website Design, Custom Wordpress Programming, CRM Development

Westbrook Floral is the largest privately owned nursery in Ontario and not only sells to local flower shops and nurseries, but many of the large chains like Walmart and Costco. Their goals for the new website were more about brand and image than increasing conversions and developing targeted marketing campaigns. When you already supply the largest accounts in the region capturing new, unique visitors becomes less important. It had been some time since their brand received any attention, and with a new logo in hand, their CEO pictured a very simple design, minimal, responsive and easy to maintain.

We made the decision, along with their in-house design team, to use the Wordpress cms, for future scalability and because with such a large internal sales and marketing staff they needed an application with independant online support and a continuous pool of potential talent in the event that they wanted to manage their website internally.

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